Featuring the work of stained glass artisan Dan Burstein and designer Jill Burstein

The art of Dan Burstein is truly amazing. After receiving my first custom stain glass piece, I was hooked. When Dan customized my second piece I realized that the final touch in the kitchen of my new home could also be the focal point, as well as a beautiful and unique conversation piece.

Dan Burstein is not only a skilled artisan, but acts as an interior consultant. He was more that willing to take the time to come to my home and discuss what type of stained glass piece I was looking to display. He helped me grasp an understanding of the different types of stained glass, and different designs that would coordinate best with the style of my home.

I believe anyone searching for that final touch, or focal point to enhance the interior or exterior of their home, or place of business couldn't be more satisfied than with a custom stained glass piece by Dan Burstein. The time he devotes to his work is reflected in exquisite beauty of the finished piece. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, Dan!

~Justin T. Drake, Reigelsville Pa

Below is a sampling of our work. Please inquire if any designs interest you. All our designs can be transformed to fit your color palette and dimensions.
(Click on any photo below to see it enlarged and to read a description.)

Custom Stained Glass Panels
Custom Stained Glass solutions are our specialty. There are so many exciting ways to bring the beauty of color and light into your environment .We will come to your home or office and talk to you about options, style and design .We also specialize in stained glass installations.


Asbury Home Remodeling Project - This 48.5 x 27.5 custom panel is one of 3 we made for the Asbury family's home in New Jersy
  Asbury Home Remodeling Project  

Tree of Life - This custom panel measures: 21-1/2 x 33-1/2 and was designed for our studio made LED light box.
  Tree of Life  

Clear Textured Glass Landscape Panels - 2 panels measuring 52 x 25 each.
We used all clear glass with an irredescent clear border and circle.Side by side window panels .
  Clear Textured Glass Landscape Panels  

Tree Of Life
  Tree Of Life "2"  

Waves Of Peace - The Penn State Cancer Institute commissioned us to create these two 38 x 45 panels project for the waiting room of their Cancer Infusion center in Hershey Pa.
  Waves Of Peace  

Monets Water Garden 2 - This is another commissioned 25 x 25 panel. This panel features 90% Youghiogheny art glass and is a smaller version of our original.
  Monets Water Garden 2  

Monet's Water Garden - This is a 25 x 51 one of a kind commissioned piece that features 90% Youghiogheny art glass.
  Monet's Water Garden  

Largest Fruit Branch Panel - This 72 x 31 Orange fruit branch panel is an example of how we can customize any design to fit our clients window or vision. We also do all of our own installations.
  Largest Fruit Branch Panel  

Christines landscape at the Lawrenceville Inn, N.J. - This 30 x 24 intricate Landscape features all types of brilliant opaque glass. We also made the light box for it to hang in a local restaurant.
  Christines landscape at the Lawrenceville Inn, N.J.  

Six Days of Creation at Shir Ami Temple Newtown, Pa - Each panel measures 3' x 6'. We were commissioned to fabricate these intricate windows, that were designed by Melenda Goldberg for the Shir Ami Temple in Newtown, Pa.
  Six Days of Creation at Shir Ami Temple Newtown, Pa  

 Shir Ami Temple Newtown, Pa - This is panel two of two,it is 3' x 6'. We were commissioned to fabricate these intricate windows, that were designed by Melenda Goldberg for the Shir Ami Temple in Newtown, Pa.
   Shir Ami Temple Newtown, Pa  

Japanese Inspired Fruit Branches Panel #3 - 16 x 45
This time our client wanted us to make this design larger and have the branches hang down.
  Japanese Inspired Fruit Branches Panel #3  

Harbor Scene - This 48 x 55 incredibly intricate piece almost looks like a painting. It was created for a new shore home as a privacy window using all opaque glasses. It was custom framed in mahogany.
  Harbor Scene  

After the Bath - This 25 x 37 stained glass piece was installed with a light box and replaced a window in a bathroom: the result is stunning. It features all opaque glass.
  After the Bath  

Attic Window Panel - This 18 x 54 panel is in our customers Attic and can be seen only from the outside. We have it back lite so it can be enjoyed at night.
  Attic Window Panel  

Barrett Family Crest - We created this 33 x 44 Family Crest panel for the Barrett family to be featured in their custom built Irish pub. Close up before installation can be viewed at our Palladium Panel page.
  Barrett Family Crest  

Eagle Rock Pennsylvania Bear - This is a 60 x 30 one of a kind commissioned piece that we installed at our client's new log cabin home.It features Bullseye confetti glass and unique opaque glass.
  Eagle Rock Pennsylvania Bear  

Japanese Inspired Fruit Branch - This 35.5 x 10 transom window was created this time to accent a client's bedroom. It features a mix of opaque and transparent glass.Close up view available in Side Light and Transom Windows page.
  Japanese Inspired Fruit Branch  

Custom Door Panel - After Installation - This 22 x 53 panel is one of a pair of made for a customer, and it is a fine example of how stained glass can be incorporated into a piece of furniture. Old or new, with the addition of stained glass art, your furniture piece will truly be one of a kind.
  Custom Door Panel - After Installation  

 Craftsman Style media cabinet doors - For this project our team transformed an open media cabinet with 8 panels.The top 4 measure 17.5x 8.5 and the bottom ones measure 32.5 x 8.5
   Craftsman Style media cabinet doors   

Hanging at To Your Health, Quakertown, Pa - These 42 x 38 and 72 x 14 pieces are the customer's inspiration for his storefront window. The apple branch is a unique creation, as the center is left open in order to incorporate a hand blown apple into the design. They can be seen at To Your Health in Quakertown, PA.
  Hanging at To Your Health, Quakertown, Pa  

Cuttalossa Farm door panels - These two 9 x 34 door panels were custom made to depict the historic Cuttalossa farm in Solebury Pa.
  Cuttalossa Farm door panels  

Stained Glass Fleur De Lis Panel at The Lawrenceville Inn, N.J. - This 23 x 25 panel features a beveled Fleur De Lis with clear,burgundy,iridescent and green rough rolled glass.
This custom panel was created for a local French restaurant as privacy window.
  Stained Glass Fleur De Lis Panel at The Lawrenceville Inn, N.J.  

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