Featuring the work of stained glass artisan Dan Burstein and designer Jill Burstein

The art of Dan Burstein is truly amazing. After receiving my first custom stain glass piece, I was hooked. When Dan customized my second piece I realized that the final touch in the kitchen of my new home could also be the focal point, as well as a beautiful and unique conversation piece.

Dan Burstein is not only a skilled artisan, but acts as an interior consultant. He was more that willing to take the time to come to my home and discuss what type of stained glass piece I was looking to display. He helped me grasp an understanding of the different types of stained glass, and different designs that would coordinate best with the style of my home.

I believe anyone searching for that final touch, or focal point to enhance the interior or exterior of their home, or place of business couldn't be more satisfied than with a custom stained glass piece by Dan Burstein. The time he devotes to his work is reflected in exquisite beauty of the finished piece. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, Dan!

~Justin T. Drake, Reigelsville Pa

Below is a sampling of our work. Please inquire if any designs interest you. All our designs can be transformed to fit your color palette and dimensions.
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Hand Blown Glass
Our newest addition to our store. A wide variety of mostly one of a kind hand blown glass works. Featuring many different types of vases,bowls and mold worked pieces.


New Murrine Work Spring 2017
  New Murrine Work Spring 2017  

Fireworks - New 2016 Murrini flat sided vase

Murrine orb
  Murrine orb  

Appassionatamente tuo -  This is one of my newest works, measuring 8.5”x 6.75” x 3.25”. I created it with my own studio made murrine.
  Appassionatamente tuo  

In The Meadow - 10-1/4 Tall, 4-1/2 Wide with 2-1/4 opening
I made this tall Cylinder vase with my own studio made Murrine
  In The Meadow  

Oblong Flat-Sided Murrine Vase - 8.5 tall x 10 wide. To create this unique piece, I used murrine that I made while taking a 2 week class with Muranese Maestro, Davide Salvadore.
  Oblong Flat-Sided Murrine Vase  

Quilt - Studio Made Murrine Vase

Strata Ten - This flat sided vase measures 9 tall, 8.5 wide and has a 2.5 wide mouth. This is one of my Strata series vases made with my studio made murrine.
  Strata Ten  

Large Murrine Bowl - This large Murrine bowl measures 6.25 tall and is 10 wide. I used my own studio made murrine to create this piece.
  Large Murrine Bowl  

Large Flat Sided Murrine Vase
  Large Flat Sided Murrine Vase   

Flat-Sided Ocean Waves Vase - 7 tall x 7 wide with 2.75 opening. This is part of my Ocean Waves series. To create this piece, I used emerald green and lapis blue powder with a base color of vanilla. I achieved the shape by making a large bowl and then flattening the sides. The patterning comes from repeated dips in an optic mold.
  Flat-Sided Ocean Waves Vase  

Large Murrine Bowl - This bowl measures 7 tall, 7-1/2 wide with a 2-1/2 mouth. I created this large bowl with our studio made murrine
  Large Murrine Bowl  

Collection of Flat Sided Vases
  Collection of Flat Sided Vases  

Cobalt Blue Murrine Flat Sided Vase - This vase is 8.25 tall, 7.5 wide with a 2 mouth.I used my own studio made murrine to create this vase.
  Cobalt Blue Murrine Flat Sided Vase  

Ocean Tear Drop - 13.5 tall, 7.75 wide, 2.5 deep with a .75 opening.
I used my favorite colors Aqua silver blue and Lapis blue to make this teardrop flat sided vase.
  Ocean Tear Drop  

 Murrine work
   Murrine work  

Murrine Vase
  Murrine Vase  

Corning Murinne Bowls - To create these bowls I used Knockoffs of Davide Salvadore's Murine.Knockoffs are at the end of a murine roll that a master glass blower cuts off and discards. Davide let his students keep them when we took his 2013 class at the Corning Studio.
Thank you Davide.
  Corning Murinne Bowls  

Large Landscape Vase
  Large Landscape Vase  

 Murrine Flat Sided Vases  - I used our studio made murrine for these two flat sided vases.
   Murrine Flat Sided Vases   

Landscape Flat Sided Vase
  Landscape Flat Sided Vase  

Hole in one, one
  Hole in one, one  

Hole in one, two
  Hole in one, two  

 Landscape Series  - Here is a sampling of My Landscape series. I create this ever changing pattern by using 3 wafers of colored rod, Aquablue,Tobacco and green.
   Landscape Series   

 Ocean Waves Series -  Here are some of my Ocean Waves series pieces . To create them I use green and blue powder with a base color of different whites. The patterning comes from repeated dips in an optic mold.
   Ocean Waves Series  

Large Ocean Waves Bowl - This bowl is 4-1/2 Tall and 9-3/4 wide.
This is one of my ocean wave series bowls. I use a white base color and Lapis blue and emerald green for the pattern
  Large Ocean Waves Bowl  

Twisted Cane Flat-Sided Vase - 10 tall x 6 wide.
  Twisted Cane Flat-Sided Vase  

Pants - Pants - 14 tall x 6 wide. To create this glass sculpture I made two separate pieces and then joined them together.
  Pants - Pants  

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